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Our number one goal is to counsel and assist our clients with all aspects of the transfer and preservation of wealth. Since our clients come from a range of backgrounds, we are sensitive to the varying needs and concerns each situation presents. Our services are personalized to the furthest extent possible to fit each client’s needs.


Our estate-planning guidance is designed to maximize our clients’ personal goals while minimizing the tax consequences and other issues associated with the implementation of their plans. We provide assistance with:

  • Drafting and executing estate-planning documents
  • Providing specific legal and non-legal personal estate-related concerns
  • Achieving non-tax objectives


We counsel and advise those who have been named executors or administrators of estates throughout the probate process. Our guidance during this process includes:

  • Assistance with property valuations
  • Sorting out bills and other outstanding debts
  • Completing state and federal tax returns
  • Helping transfer assets to the correct beneficiaries


We represent trustees of trusts prepared either by us or drawn by other attorneys. We provide:

  • Advice to fiduciary clients and assistance with the administration of the trust accomplished on asset management
  • Guidance on the sales of trust or estate assets
We offer comprehensive guidance that covers more than just drafting and implementing a document. Each client relationship requires a unique solution. Customized estate plans and trusts geared toward a specific solution are important, but so is the emotional aspect. These documents are more than just a list of wishes, and we consider ourselves more than just legal guidance in this process. We are sensitive to each individual situation, and we pride ourselves in taking top-quality care of the legalese as well as the emotions.