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David Wells & Associates, P.C., is a referral-only boutique law firm focused on estate planning, probate, and trust administration. We provide counsel on the transfer and preservation of wealth. We also offer a variety of related personal, small business, and real estate services related to the estate issues of our clients.

David Wells & Associates, P.C., is known as one of Chicago’s premier boutique estate-planning firms. David Wells, Jr., is recognized throughout the area for his legal knowledge and skill as well as the personalized attention he pays to each and every client; and he enters each new client relationship with the same level of commitment to excellence upon which the practice has been built.  Our goal is not to be the biggest or the most well-known firm; it is to provide exceptional personal legal services to each and every one of our client families.


We service a diverse client base representing mid to high net worth individuals. We work with young professionals, retirees and entrepreneurs all on a personalized level with great attention to the small details. We are a referral-only estate-planning firm dedicated to forming long-term client relationships. We continue to build those relationships by making a commitment to our clients; we get to know them and strive to understand them as well as their specific set of circumstances. We are dedicated to providing individualized counsel and designing personalized documents necessary to address their concerns and to suit their needs.